Billionaire by Juliette Jones

October 3, 2014 Erotica, Reviews 0 ★★½

I received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Billionaire by Juliette JonesBillionaire by Juliette Jones
Published by Juliette Jones on December 20, 2013
Pages: 237
Source: the Author
Lila Carmichael is a good girl, a high-achieving academic, punctual to a fault, unfailingly conscientious – and embarrassingly inexperienced. After graduating from Princeton, Lila moves to New York City and begins her job search. Innocent and naïve, she is swept away by an uncharacteristic bloom of total abandon as soon as she meets the tall, dark-eyed CEO of Wolfe Enterprises. Under Alexander’s potent influence, Lila undergoes a thorough transformation from demure virgin to lusty goddess in just two days. Given her upbringing, it’s only natural that Lila would be attracted to such a pinnacle of stability, but as emotion and lust entwine, she begins to question the motives behind her covetous, hedonistic desires.

Alexander Wolfe needs a new assistant to help him run his publishing empire. One résumé in particular catches his eye and he decides to interview the candidate one-on-one in his private penthouse office. When a green-eyed goddess walks in, Alexander, for the first time in his life, finds himself powerless to resist. The difficulties of his past ensure that his protective instincts are fiercely attuned, and Lila’s vulnerabilities, combined with her nubile body and voracious new appetites, only succeed in ensnaring Alexander past the point of no return.

Set in New York and Paris, Lila and Alexander’s connection is a whirlwind of lust, love, jealousy and obsession. Will they find their happily ever after?

Lila Carmichael is a fresh-faced new graduate looking for work in New York City.  She lands an interview at Skyscraper magazine, a trendy publications that is just a small part of Alexander Wolfe’s massive publishing empire.  Lila is interviewed by Alexander who hires her as his administrative assistant on the spot.  Seized by an overwhelming mutual lust, Alexander and Lila immediately begin their whirlwind romance.  From the bright lights of New York City to the old world charm of Paris, Alexander and Lila’s passion for one another ignites into a lascivious relationship that toes the line between love and obsession.

I’m a little torn by this novel.  On one hand, although there is little plot to speak of, what is there kept me glued to my e-reader wondering what was going to happen next.  Alexander and Lila, despite having just met one another, fall in love quickly and they are sweet and protective towards one another.  Alexander’s overwhelming need to keep Lila safe was endearing (until he took it a little too far).  I also enjoyed the dual perspective style – a little bit of what’s going on inside Lila’s head and then a little bit of what was going on inside Alexander’s head.  This helps explain (but not excuse) some of the less palatable plot points that come up later in the book.

On the other hand, there isn’t much to say in the vein of plot and character development, mostly because this novel is a string of sexual encounters rather than any actual, cohesive plot.  That said, the sex scenes are steamy and sensual.  Alexander and Lila explore a many different positions and ways to bring each other pleasure.  Their encounters are very intense and the dirty talk is almost like something straight out of a porno movie.  However, Lila’s transformation from innocent virgin into sultry sex-goddess is unrealistic and towards the end of the novel Alexander exhibits some overly-obsessive traits and behaviors that made me scream at Lila to call the cops.  There are also a few other disturbing scenes in this novel that made me almost gag in horror and I didn’t like how Lila kept bringing everything back to money and what Alexander could buy for her.  These are not admirable traits and made Lila come off as selfish, shallow, and materialistic, none of which are positive character traits.

If you’re looking for an erotica that is primarily sexual encounters with little plot, then pick this up.  It’s a decent fantasy read with lots and lots of smut.  However, be prepared for characters entering into what appears to be an incredibly unhealthy obsession/relationship and to ignore character inconsistencies.

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