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Joining us today is Jackie Braun, author of REVENGE BEST SERVED HOT published June 9, 2015 by Entangled Publishing.  Here, Ms. Braun talks about the Half the Sky Foundation, a charity for Chinese orphans and their adoptive parents.

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Good can come from bad situations

By Jackie Braun

I’m inspired by people who take a tragedy and turn it into something positive or who see a need and step in to make a difference. In “Revenge Best Served Hot,” my hero Brody Flynn is compelled not only to avenge his parents’ death, but to uses his resources to build a state-of-the-art trauma unit at the hospital that was unable to save them.

In real life, a charity called Half the Sky Foundation was started by an adoptive mom who saw the difference basic human interaction makes for orphaned children and started a set of programs and protocols used in China’s orphanages today.

Jenny Bowen’s organization teaches caregivers the importance of touching, making eye contact and engaging the children they are charged with. It sounds simple, but it wasn’t being done. The results are amazing.

I know firsthand the difference Half the Sky can make. My husband and I adopted our younger son from a Half the Sky-sponsored orphanage in December 2007. He was almost 3 years old and we were warned by our social worker that attachment might not go smoothly. Well, we walked into the civil affairs office in Zhengzhou as a family of three and walked out a family of four. I believe our smooth transition was because our son had been so well-loved by his nannies at the orphanage. He knew he could trust us to meet his basic needs. Love came later.

Here’s the thing: a child who bonds with his caregiver is able to form healthy attachments to others. I am forever grateful for what one adoptive mom has made her life’s work. And I am forever grateful for my son, who amazes me every day.

People such as Jenny Bowen are who I draw on when I am drafting characters for my books.


About Revenge Best Served Hot:

Sign: Virgo
He’s all business…until he’s all hers

Brody Flynn waited years to get his revenge on Douglass Shipping for his parents’ accidental deaths. Now the company is fumbling, profits are down, and it’s the perfect time for a hostile takeover. Vengeance. But the former CEO’s daughter Kate Douglass has other plans…

Kate’s been waiting for her chance to take on a real role at Douglass and prove to her family that she’s not the fragile piece of glass they all think she is. There’s no way she’ll give up without a fight. All she has to do is convince the gorgeous new CEO to hire her…and not fall for him.

But Brody was never supposed to feel attracted to the daughter of his enemy. He was never supposed to want her as hard as he does. And the only thing stronger than his hunger for revenge is his hunger for her

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