His to Possess by Opal Carew

July 25, 2014 Erotica, Reviews 0 ★★★½

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
His to Possess by Opal CarewHis to Possess by Opal Carew
Published by St Martin's Griffin on March 18, 2014
Genres: Erotica
Pages: 256
Format: Paperback
Jessica’s life was in ruins…until she met him.

Standing in the rain feeling lost in a new city, with no job and no prospects, she’s about to give up. Until Dane Rainier pulls up in his limo and offers her a ride—and sweeps her into the life of her dreams. Now she has a high-powered job and is having the best sex of her life, exploring her submissive side under the masterful hand of a gorgeous billionaire.

But there’s a part of her that’s still holding back. Because the truth is, she’s never gotten over her ex-boyfriend Storm. A heavily muscled, motorcycle-riding rock musician, Storm couldn’t be any more different from Dane… and she just can’t get him out of her head.

Now Storm is about to reappear and turn her whole world upside down. Both Dane and Storm make her body burn to be possessed, but will her indecisive heart cost her the love of both men?

A very sensual and fun plot with a surprising twist, I quickly finished His to Possess in just a few hours.  The plot line was a little Fifty Shades-ish (why are the men all billionaires!?), but I still enjoyed the push and pull between Jessica Long and Dane Rainer.

I found it easy to sympathize with Jessica’s character in the beginning, which is crucial for hooking your audience.  All alone in a new city on the heels of a breakup with a beloved ex, Jessica is unemployed and looking for work.  She is proactive, both in her new job and in her relationship with Dane.  And although the return of her ex-boyfriend “Storm” throws a wrench into Jessica and Dane’s plans, Jessica is able to remain pleasantly optimistic that everything will work out for the best.  I did find her a little indecisive, but that was all to lead up to the menage-a-trois scene towards the end of the book.

Dane is a powerful business tycoon with a dominant streak in the bedroom.  He is fiercely loyal to his brother Rafe and supportive of Jessica as she tries to work out her feelings for Dane and “Storm.”  Similar to Jessica’s character, I thought Dane was a little indecisive at times – waffling between wanting to stay with Jessica and letting her go back to “Storm.”  He ran hot and cold sometimes, but it was always explained why he was acting cold towards Jessica in a way that matched up with his character traits.

Somewhere around 60% through the book, the plot started to get a little muddy.  I understand some of it was set-up for the next book, but for a while there I thought the hero and heroine had switched since instead of focusing on Dane and Jessica, suddenly the focus was on Rafe and Melanie.  This is not necessarily a bad thing since I will be on the lookout for the next book featuring that couple, but the way the switch happening in this book was jarring and had me flipping back pages to make sure I hadn’t somehow missed something.  And the ending felt a little anti-climactic – continuing on past the semi-traditional HEA, but again this is set-up for the next book.  I just thought that since the book is not technically part of a series, it should stand on its own.

Note: this book features a menage-a-trois sex scene and light BDSM in the form of spanking and a subtle Dom/sub relationship.  I enjoyed it, but it may not be for everyone.

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