How Writing has Transformed My Life – Guest Post by Jess Michaels

January 15, 2015 Guest Post 0

How Writing has Transformed My Life – Guest Post by Jess Michaelsby Jess Michaels

How Writing Has Transformed My Life

Jess Michaels

Hi everyone and a big thanks to Nikita for having me here today! It’s a pretty thrilling week for me, as on Tuesday my latest book, The Other Duke, hit stores. This Regency-era historical romance about a man (Rafe Flynn) who inherits a title and a wife (Serafina McPhee) unexpectedly is the first in my new The Notorious Flynns series. It also marks my full turn into an indie author!

When we talked about my coming here to visit around this release, a lot of topics spun around in my head that I could talk about, but with all the big changes in my life lately, I decided to focus on how writing has transformed my life.

I’ve always been a writer (later this year I’ll be posting one of the first “romances” I wrote on my blog), but I never thought it could be a career. Writers didn’t make money, that was what I thought. But the older I got, the more writing called to me. I started writing full time in 1999, right after I graduated college. And in 2004, my first book came out, a novella in a collection. Since then I’ve published nearly 50 books (49 is the book that came out Tuesday) under three names.

All of these things are transformative in themselves because I’ve gotten to share such a big part of myself with readers. Readers have really touched me with their kind notes about how much my books have touched them. It’s a really cool thing.

But beyond that emotional impact, writing has also transformed my life in other ways. My husband worked at a job he didn’t like for a long time and my writing has allowed him to retire at 35 (he’s my full-time executive assistant now) and for us to move to a place we love and have the schedule we want. We can travel when we want, we just have so many choices for our day to day life. I’m so grateful to have that opportunity and to be able to enjoy the fruits of this long road.

How writing has transformed me is to make me the person I am now, almost 16 years after I started writing full-time.

Have you been transformed by anything? Or read a book that has transformed you?

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