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Hi and welcome to Plot Twist Reviews!  I’m Nikita, a 20-something lawyer whose job keeps her busy all day (and night).  You would think I’d get enough reading done at my day-job, but you’d be wrong.  There’s a big difference between reading for work and reading for fun.  Which is exactly how I like to spend a lot of my free time – curled up on the couch, in the park, or holed up in the library somewhere with a book in hand.

My love of reading started very early.  I grew up overseas in a military family.  We didn’t know the language for a while and lived off-base so there wasn’t much we could do outside of school since most of our friends lived on the military base.  Instead, I filled my time traveling (vicariously) to far-off places with a new set of fictional friends.  My parents encouraged my love of reading, particularly since the hobby also helped me advance quickly in school.  My bedroom always had one or more well-stocked bookshelves, which is a feature that continues to this day.

I don’t exactly hide my love of the written word, so friends and co-workers are always asking me for suggestions on what to read next.  That’s how I decided to start this blog.  I hope you enjoy your visit!