Personal Update – Nov. 28, 2014

November 28, 2014 Uncategorized 0

I want to give a huge hug and big thank you to everyone who has stopped by the blog, facebook, and twitter over the past few weeks and sent emails asking what happened to the reviews that were being posted on Tuesdays and Fridays.  You are so sweet and supportive – THANK YOU!!

A few weeks ago, I received a phone call offering me a fantastic new job in a city two hours away.  I interviewed for this job months ago and wasn’t expecting the phone call, but I essentially had to decide right there on the spot whether or not to take the job.  In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had to pack up, give notice to job/apartment, and move to an entirely new city where I’ve spent many a frantic day trying to learn just what the heck I’m doing and fielding client/attorney phone calls at the same time.

Thankfully, I’ve finally gotten a handle on my new responsibilities, so reviews will start posting on the regular Tuesday/Friday schedule again next week.

Again, a big thank you to everyone who has waited so patiently for the reviews and to the Publishers and Authors who still let me do this despite my unexpected MIA status.

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