The Rating System

five-stars“What day is it? Did I remember to shower?”

These are the books I Could. Not. Put. Down.  I may or may not have remembered to shower.  My job has probably fired me and my apartment hasn’t been cleaned in so long it looks like something out of an episode of ‘Hoarders.’  YOU NEED TO GO PURCHASE THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW.  Go on.  I’ll wait……..  When I finish reading one of these books, I immediately call up all my other reader friends and yell at them to go buy it.  I can’t shut up about it and will talk about it for days, no weeks!  This is definitely one for the keeper shelf!

four-stars“Loved it!  You should definitely check this one out!”

These books are ones I love while I am reading them and they leave a lasting impression on me long after I’m done.  Fresh, well-rounded characters, snappy dialogue, beautiful prose – something about this book has earned it a place on my keeper shelf.  These books are also likely to be shoved in the face of anyone and everyone around me in a feeble (if scary) attempt to get someone else to read this book too.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend fellow readers to purchase or borrow a copy as soon as possible.

three-stars“Good book.  Get around to it when you can.”

Admittedly, most books will probably fall into this category.  I’m a picky reader and I think that shows in my ratings.  These books are well-written and I liked reading them, but that magical spark of literary glee – the one that causes me to scream and cry and laugh – is somehow missing.  These books are enjoyable for the moment, but don’t blow me away and stick with me like the higher-rated books do.  But I would still recommend reading them, especially if you are a fan of the genre.

two-stars“Eh, it was ok, I guess.”

You can probably give these books a miss.  While these books are bad, per se, there isn’t a lot to redeem them either.  The story might be cliched or one I’ve seen far too often, maybe the characters are flat or act irrationally.  There was something about the book that made me keep reading, but I won’t miss it when I take it off the shelf.  If you have to read it, borrow it.  Don’t waste your money on these books.

one-star“Did not like this book. Surprised I finished it at all.”

Do NOT waste your hard-earned money on this book.  Frankly, I wouldn’t even bother borrowing it.  These books have serious flaws and are a serious struggle to finish.  Be prepared for something sarcastic and/or ranting in the reviews of these books.  I don’t like having my time wasted and will not hesitate to give you all the reasons why you shouldn’t waste your time with these books either.

“Did Not Finish.”

Well, I think the title says it all.  I won’t write these posts very often because I don’t think it is fair to write a “review” of a book that I didn’t finish, but there is something so awful, so seriously flawed about these books that I have to say something about it.