Series Spotlight & Guest Post: The Silk Series by Cassandra Dean

June 8, 2015 Guest Post 2

Series Spotlight & Guest Post: The Silk Series by Cassandra DeanSeries:

Joining us today is Cassandra Dean, author of The Silk Series, a five-part novella series featuring ladies and gentlemen interested in the nuances of English Law.  Today, Ms. Dean sheds some light on her inspiration for the series as well as what readers can expect from the last upcoming two novellas.



The Silk Series was never supposed to be. I was asked by my publisher, Decadent Publishing, to come up with a short historical tale to launch a now-defunct line. At the time, I was quite obsessed with the TV show, Silk, which featured English barristers vying for a coveted spot as a ‘Silk’, or a Queens Counsel. As I was so obsessed, I thought it would be nifty to make the hero a barrister but instead of vying for Silk, he instead had a desire to enter parliament. To make life difficult for him, I needed a heroine that would challenge his goal, balanced his seriousness, and would tease him out of his tendency to solemnity. Bright, effervescent Nicola was born, whose intelligence is such that she’s not content with the lot of a high-born lady and finds herself falling into scandal after scandal. What better than to match a wannabe politician with a scandal-riddled lady?

My editor so liked SILK & SCANDAL that she asked me to expand the story into a series. I went away, had a think and decided to base a series around five people who attended or lived in Cambridge, who loved the law and found their happily-ever-afters. SILK & SCORN, the second in the series, features Thomas’s friend Arthur, an estate planning solicitor who is nonplussed when his childhood nemesis seeks his help with her troublesome former father-in-law. SILK & SCARS features Gwen, a woman who grew up in Cambridge and used to socialise with Thomas and Arthur, and her hero, the Duke of Sowrith. Through an accident of fate, Gwen and the duke have corresponded via letter for over a year, but will their friendship survive meeting in the flesh?

The final two books in the series are still being written. Book 4 will be SILK & SCHOLAR, featuring Gwen’s friend Etta and the annoying Christopher Hiddleston who studied with Thomas, Arthur and their other friend, Nathaniel, and who used to argue something shocking with Etta. The final book, SILK & SCARLET, will feature Nathaniel, now a private inquiry agent, and Rose, the girl who used to tend bar when they were studying but is now Nathaniel’s housekeeper/assistant.

I hope you enjoy the series as much as I did writing it!


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