Trapped by Scandal by Jane Feather

November 17, 2015 Historical Romance, Reviews 0 DNF

Trapped by Scandal by Jane FeatherTrapped by Scandal by Jane Feather
Series: Trapped #2
Published by Pocket Books on June 23, 2015
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: Audiobook
Lady Hero Fanshawe has chafed at society’s dictates since the death of her fiancé taught her that joy can be fleeting. When her brother disappears in Paris at the height of the Terror, she has no hesitation in disguising herself as a boy and risking her life to find him—or in joining forces with a chance-met ally, the enigmatic William Ducasse, Viscount St. Aubrey. And she has no regrets in indulging in a passionate affair with the dangerously handsome stranger, in the shadow of the guillotine…

Half French, half English, William is committed to his shadow life, flirting with death to rescue imperiled aristocrats. Marriage is an indulgence he cannot afford. Once Hero returns to London, he refuses to risk her good name by continuing their liaison. But he has reckoned without the determined Hero’s disregard for propriety…or the dictates of his own heart.

This book was my first “DNF – Did Not Finish” book since beginning this blog over a year ago.  The premise was fascinating – a spunky heroine, a dashing hero, and a daring rescue attempt from the clutches of Madame Guillotine at the height of the French Revolution.  Unfortunately, the execution was dry, boring, and generally unappealing.

I finally quit at approximately the 75-80% point.  The hero is cold and treats the heroine like disposable waste.  Even as late as the 75% mark, he tells the heroine that he doesn’t want her anywhere near him and demands she leave immediately.  And this is supposed to be a romance novel!?  There isn’t any romance to speak of!  The hero and heroine have no chemistry together at all and their supposed “grand passion” feels forced and unnatural.  I simply didn’t understand what Hermione saw in William, but then again I didn’t connect with Hermione’s character so I didn’t care.  She started off spunky, but quickly crossed the line into completely unrealistic.  This is supposed to be a regency romance and with that comes certain expectations.  I understand that marriage may not be the end game for all heroines, but that’s usually the end result.  Yet at one point in this novel (again, fairly close to the 75% mark) Hermione visits William and demands they begin their sexual relationship once again without the benefit of marriage.  For a woman of the regency era, this thought pattern and behavior is completely and utterly out of character, time, and place.  I like heroines who push boundaries, but do not like or appreciate when those boundaries are completely tossed over for what is clearly twenty-first century thinking.

Ultimately, I quit because I was so incredibly bored and unconnected to the characters.  Skip it.

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