Turning the Tables by Joan Kilby

June 16, 2015 Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Reviews 0 ★★★½

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Turning the Tables by Joan KilbyTurning the Tables by Joan Kilby
Series: Italian Connection
Published by Entangled Publishing on June 9, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica
Pages: 147
Format: eARC
Source: the Publisher
Tina Borlenghi is a billionaire businesswoman, heiress to the Borlenghi fortune, and living la dolce vita. She's also a magnet for men who crave fame and celebrity. So while in New York City launching a new fashion boutique, Tina is more than intrigued when sports bar owner Luke Pederson mistakes her for a sales assistant. He's sexier than sin and only interested in her. What's the harm in a little steamy role-playing?

Luke can't get enough of Tina. And yet, something feels…off. Why is she so secretive? As their role-playing encounters become more erotic, Luke’s suspicions grow. The woman rocking his world is hiding something. Something big. He’s ready to play for keeps, but finding out who Tina really is may just turn the tables on everything he thought he knew about love.

Betinna Borlenghi is one of the famous Borlenghis.  Her family is known for excelling in their chosen fields and together generate the prime capital of the Borlenghi fortune.  Tina herself is best known for her innovative and exciting fashion designs.  But with this fortune comes doubt – who is a true friend and who just wants to be close in order to feed off of the fame and fortune?  Tina protects her heart with an iron wall, but when she encounters Luke Pederson in her NYC boutique, she discovers someone she may just wish to lower that wall for.  Determined to enjoy a relationship that is strictly about Tina and not about her money, Tina hides her identity from the charming Luke.  But lies, even by omission, are no way to start a relationship and eventually the truth will come out.  Right?

This was pure, fantasy fun.  Tina and Luke hit it off right away and the instant attraction leads to some scandalous encounters right there in the middle of Tina’s fancy boutique!  Tina has lots of cute little Italian phrases that weave into her everyday language, which I thought made her a rounder, more relatable character.  (I have foreign friends who do this regularly, so it was a charming, well-planned addition to Tina’s character.)  Luke is no stranger to the lime light either, having played professional hockey.  His heart-of-gold and involvement with the disabled children’s hockey team skyrockets him firmly into the “hero” category and is sure to make your heart melt.

Together, Tina and Luke must decide if what they have is worth the agony of maintaining a long-term relationship and makes each of them seriously consider what they need in their lives to make them happy.  Tina’s excellent relationship with her family highlights the problems Luke has with his mother and Tina’s ability to mend that relationship helps balance out the fact that she lies (by omission) throughout most of the book as to who she really is.

This book is full of charming, well-thought-out characters.  I really enjoyed the plot and so this made for a very entertaining read.

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